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Click City

An abandoned idle game that I still want to redo some day.

I started this game after being unsatisfied with Village Clicker. The more I thought about how to improve Village Clicker, the more I begun to feel like it's destiny was to be a city building idle game. The idea was to make all buildings be on a grid, and each building can produce something. Each tile would have a "morale" score which is affected by other nearby buildings, for example factories reduce it, but plants improve it. Additionally, many buildings would need to transport items to/from other buildings, which would be made faster by roads.

I stopped working on the game quite early and I don't remember why. There's currently no goal or point to playing it and the balance between cost and production is terrible, it's just a bunch of mechanics slapped together.

Play engine test

Select tool from the left side. Scroll wheel to change item. Shift to skip time by a month. WASD to move the camera.

Current status

Click City is very old and not very developed, so even if I return to it, it is unlikely to look anything like the engine test.

I will most likely work on some kind of an idle game at some point, but I can't tell if it will be Click City or similar at all.