Miscellaneous crap


Back in 2012 when I was first learning website technologies (see: HTML and CSS), I needed a favicon for my test sites. I couldn't think of anything so I drew up a random crappy face as a temporary icon, just whatever came to me on a whim. It looked like this: . Sometime later, possibly the following year based on file modification dates, I made a colored glowy version of the icon and have been using it as a placeholder ever since.


Here's a fun fact: I made the old 8chan logo. This one:

The original. Modified version that ended up being used.

I didn't even care if the owner would want to use it, I just wanted a better logo for my own board, /boards/, which was a meta board meant for advertising other boards. I also ran /art/ at the time, but people ended up preferring /loomis/ which was made by someone else. I think /loomis/ still exist as fragments in various small imageboards.

The original logo that I made had a capital C, the 8chan owner of the time told me that he'd use my version if I made the C lowercase. The font is Caviar Dreams, which I thought was a stylish font at that time.

I didn't actually come up with the idea for the design, it was just a cleaned up version of the logo that was being used during that time, which looked like this:

I don't know who came up with that design, but it was based on the original original logo (which I also don't know the origin of):

I don't really want to rant about the lore of 8chan itself right now, but if you think it is/was full of evil nazi terrorists like the media would like you to believe, then I suggest you take a look at boards like /an/ or /diy/ or /ic/ or /out/ in 4chan sometime. The vast majority of these sites are just about various hobbies and interests, people use them because they can say whatever they want in there and don't need to pretend to be nice.

Doors and buttons

Why aren't doors designed in a way where you can push them open with your hips, and push them open with your foot? There should be a metal protrusion at the bottom that you can push with your foot, and doors with glass windows should have a solid bar on the middle that you can push with your hip. Some doors have metal pieces on both positions but it seems more like they're there by coincidence (for example to support the door handle and lock mechanism) than by design, and I think the bottom metal bar is to protect against bumping or for style.

The metal bar is on the outside, you can't even push the door from this side.

I was thinking more like something that you can actually put your foot to and push the door open.

Behold my professional MS Paint illustration.

Makes me think of buttons. Apparently mankind has not yet advanced to the point of having buttons that just work. Everyone's using these flat rubbery buttons that don't activate half the time that you press them, or touch screens which are even less reliable. Many of the keyboards I buy have buttons that don't go down properly depending on where you press them.