Foxtronaut is a space roguelite where you play as a fox who inherits/discovers a secret space program from his grandfather who passed on. Collect resources from space and improve your equipment.

Foxtronaut was originally an idea that I came up with while working on Volve.

The screenshot at the top is an attempt from around 2020-2021 at making this game in C and isn't available anywhere, but I found an extremely old (~2014) browser game test laying around:

Play 2014 test

None of this should be taken as an indication of what the game is or would look like, but maybe it gives a rough idea of what I'm going for.

Current status

Foxtronaut is mostly experimental and ideas. I implemented some basics, but I wouldn't even call it a game yet. It also uses software rendering so I'll have to redo the whole rendering system.

I'm focusing on other projects for now but there's a good chance I'll work on this more at some point.