Random links

Links to things that I find interesting or valuable.

Tools and programs

DeepL - A translation tool that isn't google.
HTML Validator - Checks HTML and CSS for errors.
GifCam - An extremely simple screen recorder that lets you record gif animations.
SunVox - Simple yet powerful music synthesizer.
AIMP - A music player that is ostensibly a successor to Winamp.
MinGW - I HATE when I'm required to enable a maze of javascript chains just to download something that downloads a downloader that downloads an installer for the thing I wanted as a portable program. I REFUSE. This website has a link to someone's own build of MinGW that just works. If you didn't know, MinGW has a compiler for the C programming language for Windows.

Web backdoor

Searx - Decentralized frontend for search engines.
Nitter - Decentralized lightweight frontend for Twitter.
Invidous - Decentralized lightweight frontend for Youtube.
GenYT - A website for downloading youtube videos (without command line autism).


Red Blob Games - A bunch of very cool interactive programming tutorials for various algorithms such as path finding and procedural generation.
Learn electronics - Some guides to learn electronics.
Sebastian Lague (Youtube) (invidous) - A programmer that explores many programming/graphics algorithms and gives detailed explanations and visual demonstrations of how they work.
Martin Donald (Youtube) (invidous) - Same as above except less videos.
Ben Eater (Youtube) (invidous) - Educational videos about electronics and computer hardware.


Preventing the Collapse of Civilization - A talk about technological decline and our inability to communicate deep knowledge to new generations of people.
Refterm - (programming) A video showcasing a terminal someone made. What makes this interesting is that a little known 100 billion dollar corporation called Microsoft was telling this guy that doing this is nigh-impossible, yet he did it in a weekend. It showcases the sad state of the modern software development/industry.
Immigration, World Poverty, Gumballs - Yay politics!

Misc Youtube channels

Not Just Bikes (invidous) - I'm not sure how to describe why this link is here. I like design and improving and inventing things, and Not Just Bikes is a bit like a city design channel. I do not think that everyone should live in an apartment though.
Algal the Bard (invidous) - Musician that plays classical instruments.


Peelopaalu - A much more impressive list of links than the one you're currently reading.
Andoid Arts - The homepage of a very creative and skilled mechanical/fantasy artist.
Steam hardware survey - Automatically updating statistics about Steam user's computers. Year of the (1.05% market share) Linux desktop!
10 KB Club - A list of minimalist websites that are under 10 KB.
VidLii - A video site that tries to capture the oldschool youtube aesthetic (and content).
Crowd Supply - A crowdfunding website for hardware projects. There's many interesting looking gadgets here.