I am a person that lives on earth. Probably.

I like things that react to mouse clicks instantly.

I hate websites that don't work at all without javascript.

I am attracted to things that are simple but effective.

I usually spend an hour or so thinking about things in bed before I fall asleep.

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I do not check this often, but you can report problems, send feature requests, or whatever.

My name is actually not derived from weeaboo slang. It originates from a time when I used "Tsunoflare" as my name, which I later shortened to just "Tsun". Tsunoflare itself came from mixing up the letters of "soft lunar" and adding an "e" to the end, I probably used an early version of Letter Mixer to come up with it. I'd like it to not be associated with a meme Japanese word, but I'm too attached to the name to change it at this point. Sometimes I type just "Sun" as an username, but I don't identify with it.

My favorite colors are bright and pastel yellows and greens:   #9f0 #df0 #9e5 #fe7

To art or not to art

I used to do art but don't draw much anymore. I more or less lost interest in drawing when the last remaining furry imageboard that wasn't a fetish dump also turned into a fetish dump. I don't consider myself part of the "furry fandom" though and I'm not fond of most furry art so don't UwU @ me.

The earliest memory of drawing I have is drawing some Pokemon drawings on the floor and then putting them on my wall, I never truly stopped drawing Pokemon until I stopped drawing. Gen2 is my favorite but there's some in Gen1 that I like a lot, like Meowth.

Deviantart - Old art gallery that I forgot my password to. I don't use it anymore but it's the only place where my art is available.

This is one of my favorite drawings that I've made:

I have a habit of drawing character's heads a little too big. Here's another drawing that I secretly like, don't tell anyone:

Here's a drawing that I non-secretly like (it's based on this image):

I also very much enjoy painting grayscale shaded images, it's like a game of figuring out where the light and shadows should be, and seeing the drawing gain life after adding a little highlight is a joyous feeling:

It was in 2021 when I finally put my drawing tablet into the closet for the first time since I hadn't used it in a while. Perhaps one day I will make my own art site or imageboard and regain my desire to draw.

Or perhaps I will need it for a videogame.


I like programming but I hate all programming languages. C is the language that I hate the least, therefore it is the language I use.

Click here for a programming language tangent

If I could make my own language, that would be just grand, but I don't have the motivation to do it well, and if it's not a well made language then I would hate that language as well.

The language I want would function at the same level as C, but also have conveniences like namespaces, better syntax, cleaner macros, and many metaprogramming features like the abilty to inject code into all functions or get numerical IDs for functions and types. I also hate headers and forward declaration.

I also want to be able to associate functions with structs such that I can type array.append(1, &thing); instead of array_append(&array, 1, &thing);, but I want it be ONLY syntactical and have no structural implications whatsoever. I also want to define it outside of the struct like a normal function, not inside the struct definition.

I've tried D and found the modules system to be quite enjoyable. Not as much as I'd want, but leagues better than C headers. The language that Jonathan Blow is working on seems very promising, but who knows when it's going to be released.

Most languages have 2 primary problems: being too much of a nanny language that doesn't let you just be free and do what you want, or making too many assumptions about how one ought to program.

Another problem is that what C lacks, you can often hack around to with macros. But any language that doesn't have C-like macros is going to need that feature in the language itself. For example one macro that I use quite often combines a bunch of strings in the stack using alloca().

I think I started programming by trying to make a Minecraft mod. I didn't understand anything though and only managed to add crafting recipes for new decorative blocks. I moved to Javascript shortly after.

After a few years of Javascript, I started to grow tired of the problems in the language (such as dynamic typing silently causing errors, lack of proper structs requiring weird function object constructors, and lack of detailed data types like 8-bit integers), and the limitations of using the web browser as a platform (such as the inability to save/load data freely, and requiring the program to be in a web browser window). I'm not sure how I ended up using C though, I think it just sounded the most like my kind of thing.

I had worked with Clickteam's game maker programs long before that, I remember making crappy point & click games with MS Paint graphics in The Games Factory when I was a kid. The first version of Letter Mixer was made in Multimedia Fusion, that's why the version on this site is "3.0" (I'm not sure what 2.0 was, probably some early javascript experiment). 1.0 was pretty clumsy to say the least:

I like making things from scratch myself, it's interesting to figure out how to make something out of nothing with my own hands.

I have a bad habit of stopping work on projects when they can do what they were meant to do, so they end up being kind of half assed in certain ways and lack polish.