PNG or Die

PNG or Die is a wrapper tool that uses multiple different PNG compressors to attempt compressing PNG files as much as possible without losing any detail (lossless compression).

Opimizing images with PNG or Die is very slow because many compressors are used with multiple settings to search for the best filesize. The goal is to find the absolute smallest size no matter the cost. Small and simple images can be be compressed in a couple seconds, but large images may take many minutes. I do not recommend using it on very large (1500+ pixels) images unless you have a lot of time.

File size may be reduced anywhere from 5% to 90% or even more. Files that PNG is suited for generally become better compressed, while photographic images don't gain much.

Current status

The program already does what it needs to so I don't have a lot of motivation to work on it.

Things that I'll probably add at some point:

One thing I'm definitely interested in is adding an option for lossy png compression (especially a very subtle kind that can't be easily perceived without zooming in), but I wasn't able to find a good program for it when I made PNG or Die. If you know of a good command line tool (with pre-compiled binaries) for lossy PNG compression on Windows, send me a message.

Linux version is planned, I will make it sometime in the future when I get more familiar with Linux development. However, one of the best compressors is for Windows only, so the Linux version is going to be less effective.

Mac version not planned.


PNG or Die 0.9.1

Windows   Download   PNG_or_Die_0-9-1.zip - 442 KB

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