Reference Image Window

A minimalist window program that can be used to display images on top of other windows.

It may be useful for artists, to keep a reference image on top of other windows while you draw. Especially useful if your monitor is small and doesn't have a lot of space.

A minimalist image viewer window. The UI disappears when your mouse leaves the window. Zoom into details. Fold the window if it's in the way. Stays on top of other windows.

Current status

Reference Image Window is feature complete. I'll probably add rotate buttons at some point.

There's infinite things I could in theory do, but nothing that I personally think is worth the effort. It would be neat if RIW supported much more file types, but adding file types is both a road that never ends, and also very much not fun work for me, I probably won't bother unless this program somehow becomes very popular.

Linux Linux version is planned, I will make it sometime in the future when I get more familiar with Linux development.

Mac Mac version not planned.


Reference Image Window

Windows   Download - 191 KB

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