RR is a somewhat unusual real-time strategy game. There's 2 notable things about it; there's only 1 "mission" in the game, and the terrain height plays an important role.

In the game, you work slowly to capture terrain, build defenses and infrastructure, set up resource gathering, and defend against attackers. You could think of it as a mix between a traditional RTS and Creeper World and a little bit of Factorio, with only one very long mission.

The tanks are placeholder test sprites, the game is actually about robots.

Current status

RR is mostly experimental and ideas. My original plan was to put my full focus on this project and finish it, but due to some personal reasons I stopped working on it in favor of Volve.

I think the concept of RR is very cool though and want to continue it, but I lost my momentum and am working on other things for now.