Seedee was an experimental webcomic that I started and ended in 2015. It follows dragon-cat girl Baka's adventures, powered by her over-active imagination.

My original goal was to make something devoid of any standards or meaning so I could easily scratch out 1 page every day without feeling bad about the low quality and lack of entertainment value. I ended up becoming fond of it which made me want more out of it, so the quality increased and it ended up with an actual plot (originally there wasn't supposed to be one). That's also partly why I stopped working on the comic; it was too much effort.

Although I winged everything on a page-by-page basis, at around page 12 is when a story started to accidentally materialize. I think I took a break after page 22, and then I begun wanting to draw a comic with a bit more effort.

Seedee was inspired by another webcomic called "Purple Pussy", there isn't much resemblance beyond the character designs though. The story was supposed to be similarly crude and edgy, but that doesn't really align with my personality so it ended up being very mild in terms of edginess.

"Seedee" doesn't mean anything, probably. I probably came up with the name on the spot without caring about it at all.


1: Randomness (0 - 12)

2: Now with a story, kinda (13 - 22)

3: Bakarando (23 - 35)

4: Back to reality, and unfinished pages (36 - 39)


Baka ♀

A dragon-cat with an exceedingly active imagination. She's constantly doing something that probably annoys someone else, and usually doesn't listen to anyone other than Bacon. She's not trying to hurt or annoy others, but often ends up doing so inadvertently due to her chaotic and free spirited nature.

Foxiey (pronouce as Foxy-yay)

Baka's goofy inseparable best friend, fox. He spends most of his time away from home and practically lives at Baka's place, going along with anything and everything that Baka comes up with. He wouldn't know what to do with his time without Baka.

Completely opposite to Baka, he's not one to lead or make decisions, and prefers to go along with others without thinking too hard about it.

Bacon ♂

Baka's father, dragon. He's an extremely lax person, up to a fault. He does whatever he feels like at any given point in time, and doesn't seem to have strong opinions about anything. He's good at controlling Baka's eccentricity when needed and tries his best to make sure she's not straying too far.

Poke ♂

Baka's older brother, dragon-cat. He spends most of his time geeking out with his toys and comics and computers and is very passionate about them. On the surface he claims to hate Baka, but Baka is very good at making him forget about that and go along with her antics. He strongly inherited a dragon's fire-breathing ability.


A sofa in the living room at Baka's home. He's just a couch.

"Big Bean"

An imaginary character that was supposed to appear occasionally with a different appearance and name each time. He represents Baka's insecurities and would only appear when Baka is alone in her imagination.

Other characters that never made an appearance

Lake ♀

Baka's mother, cat. She has a one-sided parental rivalry with Bacon, wishing to show that she's the better parent by having more influence on Baka, and generally trying to draw Bacon's attention with various means. They live separately and have an ambiguous relationship. Her personality is arguably more similar to Baka than anyone else in the family, although she tends to hide it behind a graceful exterior.

Ame ♀

Baka's little sister, dragon-cat. She lives with Lake. I only decided that she exists, but never decided what she's like. Ame looks up to Baka and thinks that Baka will become someone great some day. She tends to copy Baka, except the behavior gets converted into a more cutesy and innocent version when compared to Baka's.

Cat ♂

Pork's son, dragon. He doesn't like Baka's loud and immature behavior and claims to want to stay away from her, but boredom often gets the best of him so he lets himself get dragged along with Baka. Baka thinks of him as a good friend more than he thinks of Baka as a good friend.

Pork ♂

Cat's father, dragon. Bacon's long-time friend. He's often busy and leaves Cat at Bacon's house to hang out with the kids.


Although I do like Seedee, I have no plans to continue this comic again. I did have various plans for what I would do with the story.

Originally I had plans about a slightly "darker" background plot. The society is split between different species (primarily dragons, cats, foxes, and sharks). Each species have their own land with a distinctively different cultures where only their own kind can live. Due to some circumstances, Lake lives in the cat lands (along with Ame who has almost no physical dragon qualities) which is why they live separately from the rest of the family.

Due to Baka and Poke being mixed dragon/cats, they can't live in any of the primary lands so Bacon has to live with them in a sort of intermediary zone. This would be part of Baka's insecurities (and where Big Bean comes in), she doesn't really resemble anyone else and wishes she was more normal, or just a regular cat, and feels jealous towards Ame because she blends in with the cats better. I even had thoughts that her personality is in part a coping mechanism.

I don't know how much of that plot I would keep if I continued the story today, I probably wouldn't make it nearly as serious as I originally planned. I did and do want an occasional melancholic feeling as a contrast for all the silliness.

The rough outline for what would happen next in the story was that Baka and Foxiey goes on a semi-magical/fantasy themed adventure of sorts (in real life, not imagination world), eventually running into Cat who joins them. During that adventure or some time after, Baka, being part-dragon, discovers the ability to eject retractable wings out of her body, which nobody including Bacon was aware of. She'd be very excited about it although they'd be mostly for show and not usable for anything practical.

Further in the future, there would be a scenario where Baka goes to stay at Lake's place for a while. During that time, Baka would realize that she's not like a girl at all and her personality would go through some changes as she tries to sort out her feelings. As far as I remember, I wanted her to at first swing too far towards femininity which would make Bacon confused, but then she'd fall back towards the way she used to be, except with some new girly demeanors remaining.

Character design sheets

At some point when I started caring about the story and quality more, I wanted to make the character designs more well defined and started compiling design notes so I could make the art more consistent. I didn't get to finish or utilize them much though, I think I only started thinking about this around the time when I started making colored pages.

I think the left-most colored image was the first cleaned up drawing of Baka. The bottom left sketch represents the design that I want to capture most (it's from page 38 of the comic). Foxiey is one of the hardest characters to define because his face is so exaggerately stylized. I by nature want to understand the 3D shape of the things that I draw, but can't figure out what his face is supposed to be like from different angles. I think I had some plan about Baka disguising herself as Poke or something. Can't remember why. I like Cat's design and was looking forward to including him in the story. Never happened though.

Back when the comic was active, someone made fanart for it. It's hard to describe the feeling when someone does something like this, it makes me feel a bit bad about discontinuing the comic.