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Forester1: 0
Forester2: 0
Fisher0: 0
Fisher1: 0
Fisher2: 0
Miner0: 0
Miner1: 0
Miner2: 0

People: 0/0
Villagers: 0
NOTE: This game is unfinished and was abandoned somewhere in 2014-2016. Do not expect anything. Progress CAN NOT be saved.
Version history
- select individual buildings, required for demolishing
- redo money mechanics; money is gained by assigning villagers as "traders"
? replace village with a general building
- villagers reside in individual buildings, "village" is only used for management of things
? remove village entirely
? foresters reside in forester huts, and if you train a forester it "moves" to the hut (still takes space in a house). Resource gathering buildings are essentially secondary residences that trained villagers need to work from
- balance production so it either goes up or down, not frantically doing both.
- add apply meter, so you can buy/train a specific number of things at once
? manually place buildings on a grid
? cooldown for training
- remake buy buttons to be more attractive
- juice
- abandon project
- adjusted prices
- added golden castle
- added animations on hover and click
- more colors and patterns and responsiveness everywhere
- adjusted prices
- added extra info when hovering over buttons
- added tool forge, increases click resource gain by 2 (first one by 1)
- you now start with 2 click power, not sure if I'll keep it (forge gives 2 power on first one too)
- villagers now slowly produce gold
- reworked everything and changed some prices and arrangements
- gold now actually has use
- added graphics for buildings
- fps is now separate from game tick
- you can now see all types of workers separately
- marketplace now sells 10% of items instead of 10 items
- workers can be turned back to villagers
- rearranged things to make them more sensible
- initial release