Volve is a sandbox block building game project in the same vein as Terraria.

Boring history

Volve has been with me from the beginning of my journey to learn programming. I've never programmed for the sake of programming, I do it because there's things I want to do, so as soon as I got my hands onto Javascript, I started working on Volve. Somewhere along the way the project split into Foxtronaut. At some point I also made a noise visualizer for testing cave and terrain generation patterns.

The oldest files I found under the name "Volve" are from around 2011-2012, back when I was still working with Multimedia Fusion (nowadays called Clickteam Fusion) and didn't know actual programming. In fact, Volve is the oldest non-art project I have and the one I have put most thought and effort into. A large portion of my programming efforts have been for the sake of this project, and I've made multiple iterations on the engine during that journey.

The name was originally "Apostrophe Volve" which was derived from the word "evolve" ('volve). I consider it a placeholder though, and don't have any idea what the final name will be. I vaguely associate the word "Volve" with the game engine and underlying systems.

The idea

The idea of Volve has gone through a lot of revisions. It started off as some kind of modded Minecraft-inspired sandbox survival game. Later it focused into an adventure game with more direct survival systems like temperature. Later I wanted a more clear point to the game and decided on a mechanical building game, where the survival systems affect building requirements.

I want several things at the same time and it's hard to come to a definitive conclusion. As of updating this text (2023-09-05), the plan is to make a highly moddable sandbox engine where you can create custom games by modifying the game files, but there will be an "official" game that's about exploring and upgrading your builds and factories. I even want to make some custom adventure maps (as in more linear/scripted maps) myself.

OLD browser demos

Here's some very old web browser version backups (the sprite loading is a bit wonky, you may have to walk around and change items or refresh the page to load the images properly). These are mostly a historical curiosity, not an indication of anything about the game.

Current status

I've worked on the "real" (non-web browser) version of this game, but it is still in very primitive engine stages and doesn't have proper gameplay yet. I'm trying to get the basic simulations working before I start building a game with them.

Slightly awkward liquid simulation Gas simulation Experimental lighting system with colored glass