FileToDataURI is a very simple program that converts a file into a DataURI.

In short, DataURI is a text string that contains a file. The primary use for them (that I know of) is to put images onto webpages without requiring a file. This emoticon is embedded with a DataURI string instead of a file link: . You can also use them in CSS.

The advantage of a DataURI is that it doesn't need to be loaded from the web server since it's already embedded into the HTML/CSS file, so it's faster and makes less server requests.

The downside is that storing the DataURI string takes up ~33% more space than storing the file, so DataURI is not good for large files. Also, if you use the same image on the page many times, a browser only needs to load the image once if it's a link, but the DataURI string needs to be present for all of them separately.

Basically: DataURI is good for small and simple graphical elements.

Consider optimizing your png files before using them as DataURIs.

Current status

FileToDataURI is feature complete. I could add buttons for opening a file picker or exporting a file and such. Send me a message if you want them because personally I didn't think they are necessary so I didn't add them.

Linux version is planned, I will make it sometime in the future when I get more familiar with Linux development.

Mac version not planned.


FileToDataURI 1.0

Windows   Download - 151 KB

Report bugs/problems or request features: find my contact here.