Projects and ideas

This page is a glimpse into the despair I feel when I look at the world and see limitless opportunities to do something cool or improve upon something else. Nobody's doing them so I want to. But there's only one of me, and the me that exists is barely functioning well enough to work on one project, let alone all of them. I don't expect to get to the vast majority of these in my lifetime, but think of this as a tourist guide to locations in my mind. This list is mostly but not entirely comprehensive, sometimes I forget where I put my notes for a particular thing.

This does not include disconnected game design thoughts and game-design-specific things which probably deserve their own article, nor story concepts (I don't draw anymore, but I still write down some story-related things with the mentality that it would be a comic). I also omitted a lot of vague ideas that I've written down but don't have a concrete vision for.

Although I will make a lot of references to other things such as "Rimworld-like", the projects are usually not very much like the game being referenced. It's just easier to give a mental reference point that way.

๐Ÿ’ญ = How much I've thought about it, may include visual designs/mockups. Also roughly indicative of my passion towards it.
๐Ÿ”จ = How much I've worked on the actual thing (relative to the effort I generally put into things, not relative to a finished product).


These are some games that I'm actually likely to work on.

VolveTerraria-like sandbox building game.๐Ÿ’ฅโ—•
Scavenger2D looting/shooting game, with elements from Project Zomboid, Escape From Tarkov, Fallout. This is a combination of a lot of vaguely related ideas that I've had for a long time, which then all clicked into place when I played ZERO Sievert. The gameplay is centered around resource scarcity.โž“โ—‘
Life In TownStardew Valley-style game that puts a big emphasis on NPC interaction (in a mechanical RPG way, not in a dating sim visual novel way).โ—•-
Dig DeepA 3D factory defense game where progress is linked with digging deeper down. Basically just my version of FortressCraft Evolved, because that game has such a good concept but SUCKS in more ways than I can count.โ—”-
A-KingdomRimworld and Prison Architect -style colony sim where you build a kingdom. Based on the idea that you can configure detailed zones and jobs and make the kingdom work all on it's own, with many mechanics like temperature management and building maintenance for you to automate.โ—‘-
Idle gameI've wanted to make an idle game for a long time. There's Village Clicker which I've wanted to remake but probably won't(?). Click City was supposed to be a "sequel" to Village Clicker. And there's a newer "Idle Adventure" game that I keep losing the design documents to, it's an idle game / RPG where you send adventurers on journeys around a procedurally generated map, improve your town, and use various idle systems to gain resources, there's various resources and items to gain like in NGU Idle. This has no relation to Click City. I've also thought about a factory game similar to Reactor Idle.โ—‘โต”
IsekaiHighly freedom-oriented sandbox RPG where you pick an unusual non-human species to play as, each has their own special properties and alliances in the world that change what you're able to do. By species I mean like "goblin" and "rat". There's various "quest lines" that you can interact with in many different ways depending on what your character is like.โ—”-
Cult SimThe game that I thought Cult of the Lamb would be, but wasn't even close to. Manage a cult, spread your influence across the land. You are a leader, not a fighter.โ—”-
Sleepy RPGA community project of sorts that ran head-first into a wall because the whole premise had a huge flaw in it. I want to retry this some day from a different angle.โต”โต”
PokemonGame where you can capture monsters, battle system is more like Into the Breach. It's not actually much like Pokemon at all, but capturing monsters automatically means pokemon so whatever.โต”-
MotherloadMotherload is a game, but there should be another one, and I want to make that game. I feel that no other game (including it's own sequel) has captured the appeal that the original Motherload has. The idea is the same but the game's content is somewhat different. See also Dig-N-Rig for some vague additional inspiration (the resources/upgrades part, not the building conveyor belts part).โต”-
RRImagine Factorio, except it's real-time strategy and has less automation. Or Creeper World with a way bigger map and moving units. I don't know how to describe the idea behind this because I haven't seen anything like it before.โ—”โ—”
FoxtronautSlow-paced spelunky/rogue's legacy -style game where you explore asteroids. My interest in this has waned a lot, but strangely I can still see myself returning to it at some point.โ—”โต”
Strategy gamesThere's a few things that I'd like to have as the central concepts in a campaign-oriented RTS game (with Age of Mythology or Command & Conquer as the "style"). One is that resources exist in the world and must be transported and can be stolen etc. Another is that vehicles and buildings are separate from the people who pilot them and you can steal abandoned/enemy things (see Z (1996 game) for vague inspiration).โต”-


Please look at a screenshot of Realm of the Mad God before reading further. "MMO" does not stand for "Multi-Million dOllar giant game".

I have infinite ideas for things that would be cool in an MMO, but I think of them as "MMO design" and don't associate them with a specific game idea. Current MMOs are so starved of interesting and new ideas that just putting some basic design in already sounds appealing without even needing a "game idea" to go along with it. If I ever made an MMO, I would look at all the different ideas and put together whatever feels suitable for it. I've also wanted to make a page specifically regarding MMOs and MMO design, but I'm too lazy to assemble it.

Below are some of the ideas I would probably use as a starting point if I started working on an MMO.

LCStart with Runescape, then change everything about it. A sandbox MMO. If there's something I would associate with the word "hobby", it would be thinking about ideas and making designs for this game.โž“-
Dungeon MMOMMO where players explore a procedurally generated forever changing dungeon.โต”-
Moving MMOProcedurally generated MMO where the world is constantly being consumed from one end and re-generated from the other, and players have to move together with it. The closer you go to the edges, the harder and more chaotic it gets.โต”-
Empty MMOMMO that starts as a natural world with little to no human civilization. Players are meant to fill the world with their buildings and cities, and defend them against monsters and evil factions like demons and whatnot. A bit like Haven & Hearth I guess, except much more focused on building things together as opposed to claiming land and ganking each other.โต”-

Bigger games

I can hardly even imagine working on these unless fate leads me to running a game company some day. I don't think it's 100% impossible that I'll make one of these though, just look at screenshots of DUSK when you imagine them.

Elder ScrollsElder Scrolls ripoff. I don't have a codename for it, even my folder for it is just called "elderscrolls". All I can say is that it's Elder Scrolls except with all the lore and races swapped, and with more focus on the sandbox "do whatever you want" aspect. I want most of the quests to be self-contained (as opposed to a big long central questline) and have multiple solutions.โ—‘-
Robot Tarkov"Extraction shooter" or whatever you call those, with a very non-static world, you can never assume things in the world to be a specific way. You're a robot and can build/customize your entire body. This is shares a lot of my ideas for MMOs.โต”-

Curious game ideas

These ideas interest me in some capacity, but am unlikely to work on. These are games I'd like to play or to see realized, or that I'd want to design, or that I just like to think about for the story/whatever. But if I think about actually spending time developing the game, I can't imagine myself doing it. I may want to use the stories or contexts in some way though.

Anime DungeonA simpler, smaller, light weight spinoff of A-Kingdom. It's not actually similar at all but somehow I associate them with one another.โต”-
Wand Crafter /
Wizard Rogue
Some kind of roguelike where you craft wands. Imagine Noita without the pixel engine but significantly more complex wand crafting. This is probably more of a "I want to make this system" idea than an "I want to make this game" one.โต”-
Space JanitorCasual game where you clean up locations in space, get money by doing tasks and making use of things that you find.--
SentienteCave Story-inspired story platformer where you chase your lost memories to discover your origins.โ—”-
Sun God Joe
Moon God Kate
2 different story-based games, each having a different perspective (from Joe and Kate) of the same story. Sun would be more action-based and Moon more puzzle/exploration-based.โต”-
Kiki DeliveryKiki's Delivery Service -inpired casual game where you fly around and deliver items to all kinds of weird and mysterious locations. Alternate version: you ride a bike and go by foot instead.โ—”-
Flower PickerOnce upon a time I thought; "how could you make a game that has the same appeal as combat-oriented games, except without combat or other destructive qualities?" It's something like Mario+Zelda, except not really. Many kinds of flowers are the central interactable objects.โต”-
Ibe's EscapeOddworld fangame that's even more dystopian than Oddworld. Similar gameplay, except more tactical with more options. I'm almost certain to never work on this, but the idea of absolute despair in this setting appeals to me. You play as a female mudokon who can't speak and "communicates" by playing a flute.โ—”-
Rat BoxGame where you play as one of 4 lab rats and complete lab experiments, but the true objective is to find a way to escape the lab.--
Big DungeonLegend of Zelda -style game where the entire game takes place in a single massive interconnected puzzle filled dungeon. A literal dungeon, as in a prison.--
Soulless TownCity management game where you start in a very depressing corporate-style concrete parking lot town, and slowly bring "soul" and color into it.--
No WeaponA roguelite where you have no weapon, and grab/use whatever is around you against enemies.--
AutoGolfI don't even know where to begin. It's an absurd joke/idle game of sorts. I don't know if it's an interesting game but I find it so amusing that it belongs in this page.--
ALCAMA!Dynamite Headdy -inspired chaotic action platformer where you play through various filming sets (movies, advertisements, theatre, etc).โต”-
Royal ButlerYou play as a butler who does all kinds of tasks for a royal family, and secretly goes above and beyond to make sure the royal family isn't troubled. You must keep track of where everyone in the family is and what they're doing, and make sure they don't encounter problems. Checking items for poison, taking out assassins before anyone can see them, manipulating where people move so the wrong people don't meet at the wrong time, etc. There's a lot of mechanics and items to utilize.โต”-
BS ShooterSerious Sam except even more (less) serious. It's a shitposting game and everything about it is supposed to be stupid and outrageous and catch you by surprise. Everything.โต”-
SandwichCrafting/factory building game where you have a simple objective like making a sandwich, but you must process EVERYTHING from scratch. So to make your sandwich, you must start by finding stones for an axe so you can fell trees to fuel a furnace so you can smelt metal for a saw so you can make planks to build a windmill...--
Hero's HousewifeRather than playing as the hero who's saving the world, you play as his housewife. Resource management and building game where you prepare things for him to come back to, the happier he is the more he levels up and gains fame and brings in more resources. You occasionally get news about what he's doing and rumors.--
AngelvaniaHollow Knight -style game where you must find your way to heaven. You live in a different plane of existence than normal people, and can see all kinds of mythical youkai-style beings and spirits, and fight ghosts that torment people to build up your holiness.โต”-
One Small FavourA game inspired by a Runescape quest of the same name. You go out to do some trivial errand, but one task leads to another. The punchline is that you'll end up saving the world from evil just to get that dumb errand done. This is one of my earliest game ideas but I still keep it around because there's promise within it.โต”-
Blind GameGame that actually has no graphics at all and is intended to be played by sound only.--
Murder is MurderImagine Hatred, except even worse because you can customize the game so that different races and political factions and fandoms etc appear as either your allies or enemies. Anything people can have a strong opinion about, you can pick as an ally or an enemy. It's a game for venting your anger, but I take no responsibility for what consequences that may have.โต”-
Wizard SchoolSocial MMO without any goals, you play as a wizard in a magic school and can screw around with spells.โต”-
SuitRatchet & Clank -style third person shooter. This is largely a story idea rather than a gameplay one, so I'm not entirely sure if it belongs here. You get an experimental battle suit that's alive and starts developing into it's own person that's physically dependent on your body in order to live.โต”-
Of MagicRatchet & Clank -style third person shooter, except with magics, and more open-ended (think: Biomutant). You get new magics and they develop over time. The player character has no inherent magic inside of her, which normally turns people into ghoul-like beings, but she's fine for reasons unknown, and it gives her some special abilities.โ—”-
DragonSpiritual successor to Spyro. I don't have highly notable ideas for this, it's my imagination of what a new version of classic Spyro games would be like (without Spyro, of course). Mostly involves smooth fluid-like lizard-y movement and different unlockable elemental abilities, casual open-ended platforming and gem collecting with a comfy light-hearted story. It should be very audio-visually pleasing and satisfying to control, but not too challenging. This appeals to me so highly that if I had the money for it, I would pay some game company or hire developers to make it.โต”-


In addition to what's listed below, I want to make a lot of javascript-free alternatives to websites and services like pastebin,, polls and surveys, videogame modding database, etc. There's nothing very interesting to say about them, they're just alternatives to existing sites that I think are badly designed/implemented.

Generally speaking, my opinion regarding content moderation is that anything should be allowed as long as it's tagged properly. If you want to post something insensitive, you should be allowed to, but other people should be able to filter it if they don't want to see it.

ImageboardWhat imageboards would be if they didn't stop evolving. I haven't figured out an abuse-proof way to do network I/O, that's my primary or perhaps only bottleneck to making this. All the networking libraries I can find are too convoluted for me. I've thought of all kinds of workarounds like using Node.js as a proxy process, but haven't figured out anything.โ—‘โ—”
PencilTumblr/Deviantart-like social media website geared towards creative people.โ—”โต”
8kFun little website where you can upload any images as long as they're below 8 kilobytes.--
CapsWebsite for posting funny or cool un-edited screencaps from games and movies. Nothing else.--
OekakiMultiplayer drawing website. Many of these exist but they all have their own problems. I originally started PaintGo for this purpose.--
VODAd-free Youtube "alternative" that only shows very low quality videos unless you pay a subscription. I'm mostly just curious if it's financially possible to run a video website that way.โต”-
Neutral storeImagine except without the weekly transgender ads, no politically biased rules, and with specially designed categories for all imaginable digital files (art, music, games, tools, videos, resources, etc). Games section looks like Steam, art section looks like Deviantart, music section looks like Soundcloud...โต”-
Ultimate Webcomic siteWebsite for webcomics. The point is to basically fix all the problems I have had with other webcomic sites, and add some new things.โต”-
Node HomeProject manager or social media website of sorts. It's been so long since I thought about it that I don't even remember it well. The idea is to organize things like a mindmap.โต”-


File browserExplorer.exe is alright, but you can do better.โ—”-
Painting program2D painting program whose goal is to entirely replace MS paint, and later Krita/GIMP.โž“โ—”
XHACKA "C except less annoying" programming language. Still pending a better name.โ—•โต”
Dialogue DesignerProgram for designing dialogue trees for games. I made an experimental browser demo ages ago but it's crap.-โต”
Pixel CounterTool for people who play building games. For prototyping designs, measuring distances, counting material usage.โต”-
ThreadpostSystem similar to Email, except the "emails" are more like forum threads.--
Simple RTextSimple but extremely robust rich text editor, similar to MS Word except way, way simpler and less annoying, and produces cleaner data.--
Structured Binary EditorEditor for editing binary files in a visual way.--
NIBSAlternate internet, I can't explain it in this box.โ—”-
Noise visualizer 2.0It's much more capable than the noise visualizer in this site. It's made in C though. I'm not sure if this counts as a program at all, the most interesting part is the noise generation algorithm itself.-โ—”


Custom SolitaireSimple customizable solitaire game.
EasyVideoCropVideo cropping tool. I need to make a new UI system before I can continue this.
FilenameWranglerFile name manager. Working on a complete rewrite, need UI system though.
RegionCapScreen recorder.
Reference Image WindowMinimalist image viewer.
Time TrackerTracks time usage on your computer.
PNG or DieBundle of PNG compressors.
FileToDataURITurns file into DataURI.
FileToStringLiteralTurns file into a C string literal.
Letter MixerMixes letters.
Kana TrainerHiragana/katakana memorization tool.
Mirror MakerMirrors an image from the middle.