I make things

I make and think about things. This site has various pages for some of the things I've made or thought about.
Here's what I'm currently thinking about.


Downloadable tools(for Windows only)


Make gifs out of videos.


A tool for editing the names of many files at once.


Record a video from a part of your screen.

Reference Image Window

Minimal image viewer that stays on top of other windows.


Track your time usage on the computer.

PNG or Die

Combination of PNG compressors. For compressing PNGs.


A simple tool that converts a file into a DataURI.


A simple tool that converts a file into a string literal (for programming).

Programming libraries and tools

Some programming libraries and miscellaneous tools.


Online tools

Kana Trainer

Hiragana/katakana memorization tool.

Letter Mixer

Useful for coming up with names for projects or fictional things.

Mirror Maker

Mirror an image from the middle.

Unicode fonts

Tool that replaces text with 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓲𝓮𝓻 𝓽𝓮𝔁𝓽.


Game projects and ideas(non-finished)


Terraria-like sandbox block game.

Village Clicker

An unfinished clicker game.


A sand game test.


A Cave Story-inspired story platformer.


Real-time strategy game.


A planet exploration roguelite.

Fappy Fox

A flappy bird clone...

Click City

An abandoned(?) idle game where you build a city.


Experimental(tools, programs, scripts)


An abandoned browser painting program.

Noise visualizer

An online tool for testing perlin noise patterns. Made in around 2017 or so.


Turns a phrase into a cube thingy.

Dialogue Designer

An (unfinished) online tool for designing dialogue trees for games. Made in around 2017 or so.

Secret translator

A pointless tool that replaces characters in text. Made for an imageboard who knows when.

Nojs gallery/comic reader

A comic reader that does not require any javascript.




Website interactivity techniques without javascript.

Getting started with C programming

It's easier than you think.

Qualities of good software

Things that any piece of software claiming to be "good" should think about.

Animated image compression

Thoughts and experiences about animated image compression.

Krita color theme customization

How to create a custom color theme for Krita.

ASCII table

There's many ascii tables on the internet, but this one is mine.

1 column 2 columns 4 columns 8 columns

full 1 full 2 full 4 full 8 full 16

Unicode glyphs

A collection of potentially useful unicode glyphs.

Power of 2 numbers

List of power of 2 numbers.



Random links

Links to other places in the magical world of internet.

XHACK programming language

A hypothetical programming language that doesn't exist.


Fighting the "modern" and the "traditional".

Programming rambles

Various programming related tangents and challenges I've encountered/solved.

Favorite manga

A list of manga that I'm fond of.

Side-by-side windows

Thoughts about using the computer with windows side-by-side instead of full-screen.


Miscellaneous crap.




Site content updates:

  • Split Getting started with C between Linux and Windows versions, makes it even simpler. I hate trying to learn anything Linux related though so it's a bit incomplete in a few places.
  • Small updates to Nojs.
  • New informative page: Get started with C programming, AKA the return of the C tutorial. Kind of. This time with less tutorial-ness and more getting-to-the-point-ness. I'll probably expand it at a later time.
  • Updated PNG or Die, it now has better handling for files that the compressors don't understand (no longer treats "-1" as the lowest filesize).
  • A small insignificant fix to FileToStringLiteral.
  • Rewrote the fav manga page a bit. Nothing new though.
  • Made the titles on the front page very big because Neocities doesn't have site descriptions. The only thing people see is a thumbnail of the frontpage, so seeing the titles on it maybe gives a better indication about what this site is.
  • Reorganized the front page. I was a bit too obsessed with quality control before, so I ended up putting a lot of less developed pages/ideas into the other/ideas sections instead of where they belong. The "ideas" section was removed as a result, but I may return it if I feel like making pages about pure ideas that I have no intention or likely plans to attempt working on. The order now more closely represents what I care about.
  • Rewrote some "current status" texts on some projects to be more correct, and added some screenshots of the current status of Volve.
  • New other page: Krita color theme customization.
  • New other page: Power of 2 numbers.
  • Made all the ASCII tables standalone, in other words you can save the page without needing additional files like style.css.
  • Deprecated the navigator sidebar. I'll leave it around, but I won't be updating it anymore since it's annoying.
  • Miscellaneous little changes.
  • New other page: Funcsimple.
  • Some additions to XHACK, notably metaprogramming.
  • Added alternate versions of the ASCII tables, these have all 256 values of a byte, and also show the binary value in the table.
    full 1 full 2 full 4 full 8 full 16
  • New category: Ideas, for projects that I haven't put a lot of work on and/or not likely to do so, or just ideas for something I think is interesting. Moved some of the less developed game projects here.
  • New ideas page: XHACK programming language.
  • New other page: Programming libraries and tools.
  • New other page: Programming rambles, for various tangents about programming problems.
  • Hid the unfinished C tutorial, I don't think I'll ever bother finishing it, I'll replace it with something simpler when I get to it. I'll keep it around though, it's not like the information in it isn't correct.
  • New other page: Nojs gallery/comic reader.
  • Added a section about "tabindex" to Nojs. I've actually known about it for ages but didn't realize that it should be there.

Secret "things I'm thinking of adding" list:

  • Misc game/program/website ideas?
  • Collection of game design thoughts/resources.
  • Runescape reborn.
  • Thoughts about MMOs, maybe MMO design ideas.
  • Analysis, discoveries, and tricks regarding motivation.
  • ? Page(s) for other miscellaneous and less notable programs. Maybe clean them up a bit and make a release build.
    • AudioExtractor
    • Hourlysound
    • SVG simplifier
    • JS/CSS minifier
    Dumb/useless things (put into the dump page)
    • Close program
    • Conway Game of Life
  • Think about a theory on how weak tool forces you to put more effort and pay more attention to every detail to get quality results, which causes you to use your brain and think about things more, which leads to overall better and more "soulful" and unique design.